Computer Access

Login to Student_Wireless

(Students Only):

Navigate to Create your user account using your email account. Follow the instructions and enter the MAC address of your device you would like to connect. For further assistance please see the Help Desk at the Office of Technology.

Login to Computers for Students:

If this is the first time you are logging on to the network you must do so from a computer on campus either in the library, one of the labs, or a computer in the Office of Technology located on the second floor of LBH. Username: GSC\last 8 digits of student ID (use a backslash, not a forward slash, located above the enter key) Example: GSC\00012345 (NOT GSC/00012345) Password: Is the word Passw0rd (make sure you use a capital P and a zero in place of the o).

Login to Computers and Wireless if you are Faculty and Staff:

Your credentials and passwords will be supplied to you by the Office of Technology. Username: GSC\John.Doe and the password provided by the Office of Technology. The wireless SSID you need to connect to is GSC. To change your password you must do it from a domain connected computer such as your office computer. 

Login to Email for Students and Staff:

Go to: Email: for students, Staff is Example:

Contact Office of Technology if you cannot log in using your credentials.

Login to EDNET

(Use this for viewing your schedule, midterms, grades, holds, etc.) Go to then Current Students, then EdNet User ID: Last 8 digits of student ID Pin: Birthday in DDMMYY format (example January 8, 2012 is 080112)

Login to Brightspace

(Use this for online classes, to check grades, take assessments, or submit assignments) Go to then Current Students, then Brightspace and then Login to Brightspace. Username: Last 8 digits of student ID Password: Birthday DDMMYY format (example January 8, 2012 is 080112)

The Office of Technology is located on the second floor of Louis Bennett Hall, if you have any problems logging into to any of these feel free to stop by anytime Monday thru Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm.


We are also available by phone:

Login to Network and Email - 462-6140 

Brightspace - 462-6145

EDNET - 462-6120

Website - 462-6148


And by Email:

Login to Network and