Title IX Coordinator

Title IX/Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Coordinator

The Title IX/Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Coordinator ("Coordinator") is the designated agent of the college with primary responsibility for coordinating and receiving annual training in all aspects of all college, state, and federal anti-discrimination policies/laws including but limited to Title IX. The Coordinator is also the college’s chief human resources officer and ADA compliance officer. The Coordinator is responsible for ultimate oversight of college compliance with all state and federal anti-discrimination/harassment/retaliation laws and Glenville State College policies.

With respect to all anti-discrimination laws, including but not limited to, Title IX, the Coordinator

  • oversees the:
    • implementation of Glenville State College antidiscrimination policies;
    • compliance with state and federal anti-discrimination laws and monitoring new developments of the same;
    • implementation of complaint procedures, including notification, investigation and disposition of all discrimination, harassment and retaliation complaints filed by students, faculty, staff and third parties;
    • conducting and/or coordinating investigations of ALL discrimination, harassment and retaliation complaints including but not limited to those filed pursuant to Title IX and the Americans with Disabilities Act;
    • ensuring a fair and neutral process for all parties;
    • monitoring and coordinating compliance with any voluntary resolution agreements entered into by Glenville State College, if applicable.
  • provides educational materials and training for the campus community including but not limited to providing information about: (a) sex discrimination; (b) sexual assault; (c) other acts of sexual violence; and (d) the United States Department of Education Office of Civil Rights' responsibility to enforce Title IX.
  • monitors all other aspects of the College's Title IX compliance.
  • receives annual training in all of the aforementioned Title IX and other anti-discrimination/harassment/retaliation policy/law compliance areas.
  • is responsible for the supervises and oversees actions of the Title IX Co-Coordinator.

Title IX Co-Coordinator

The role of the Title IX Co-Coordinator (“Co-Coordinator”) is to provide administrative support for the Coordinator and to carry out the duties of the Coordinator in the event of the Coordinator’s extended absence. The Co-Coordinator investigates complaints filed against the Coordinator as well as any other complaints wherein the individual filing the complaint believes the Coordinator has a conflict. Upon request of the Coordinator, the Co-coordinator: (a) assists the coordinator in complaint investigations by attending witness interviews with the Coordinator or conducting interviews on his/her own; (b) may investigate complaints on his/her own; and (c) may assist the Coordinator with the planning and scheduling of campus community informational events. The Co-Coordinator receives the same training as the Coordinator.

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