Welcome Letter

Pioneer Alumni,

Welcome to your Alumni Association's web page. Wherever you are and whatever commitments you have made in life, we hope that you will continue to remain a part of Glenville State's family and maintain an active interest in your alma mater. We also hope that you will come back to campus often and take advantage of alumni reunions during each fall's homecoming and each spring's alumni day.

Special alumni events, including chapter events, are posted on our alumni events and programs link and listed in the Pioneer Update Emails that are send out biweekly. They are also listed on the GSU Alumni and Friends Facebook group for you to share with your classmates and friends.

When on campus, we hope that you will come visit your Alumni Center. Whether you have a few minutes to stop by or a few hours to relax, we want you make yourself at home in this beautiful Victorian home that the Alumni Association purchased for all of our alumni to enjoy. The Alumni Center serves as your “information center” to campus and as your “bridge” between the new life you have embarked upon and your alma mater so contact us anytime. Remember...we always have time to visit with you whether it be by phone or in person, to sit and reminisce about times past and to arrange campus tours so you can see all of the wonderful and exciting improvements being made at your alma mater so let us hear from you anytime.

We also hope that you will become involved in an alumni chapter near you and if there isn't one, consider forming one in your area. For information on the alumni chapter nearest you or on how the Alumni Council and I can help you get one started in your area, please contact me and I will help you plan and facilitate the gathering.

We do send out hard copy mailings from time to time so remember to keep all of your contact information, including your preferred e-mail address, current with our office.

With the hope that you will keep in touch with us so we can keep in touch with you. Let us know from time to time where you are and what you are doing. Glenville grads love to know what is happening on campus and what each other is doing so your classmates will appreciate this extra effort on your part.

With Pioneer Pride,
Your Alumni Relations Office