Scholarship Needs

Glenville State College is emphasizing five scholarship support areas that are critical to the College’s recruitment success and the overall quality of Glenville State’s student body:

Need-Based – Over 90% of GSC’s students receive some form of financial assistance and 2/3 qualify for federal Pell Grants, the College is able to meet only a fraction of the growing student financial need that exists. This is the College’s greatest need.

Merit-Based – The College aims to strengthen its ability to attract the best and brightest students from West Virginia, the region and nationally through competitive scholarship support.

Diversity – Glenville State College’s commitment to achieving a diverse student body is critical to enriching the experience of all students. Scholarship support for diversity assists GSC’s efforts to welcome more students from diverse backgrounds.

Hidden Promise – Hidden Promise Scholars enrolling at Glenville State College will receive an annual $1,000 scholarship. The annual grant is renewable throughout their enrollment at GSC as full-time students maintaining standard academic progress.

Athletics – GSC is committed to give each of our student-athletes and coaches the resources to be successful on and off the fields.  Athletic scholarships allow us to maximize the overall Glenville State College Experience for our more than 400 student-athletes.