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Women’s Leadership Circle (WLC) is a women’s giving circle created and sponsored by the Glenville State College Foundation. WLC was founded on the basis of fellowship, opportunity, and philanthropy. Memberships run from July 1 – June 30, and each member will receive invitations to exclusive GSC WLC events, a quarterly newsletter, and a commemorative scarf on their third anniversary to the WLC. The Glenville State College Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.

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All gifts received during the calendar year are placed into a grant fund, which is then divided into two pools. One pool will provide an award for a GSC campus-centered academic, athletic, cultural, or community service learning program. The other pool will grow the scholarship endowment which will provide an academic award to a GSC female student who exemplifies excellence in both the classroom and community. Donations to this fund help cover the costs for specific projects and initiatives that are decided upon annually by members.

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In addition to aiding projects on campus, members will help create a culture of female empowerment on the GSC campus and surrounding community, helping women to prepare for and grow in their careers and leadership positions. Members are encouraged to recruit 1-2 new members annually to help ensure the Women’s Leadership Circle has an increasing impact on both the GSC Campus and surrounding community. In addition, members shall actively attend events, vote on scholarship and grant recipients, and positively promote Glenville State College.

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Glenville State College Foundation Women’s Leadership Circle Vision Statement

Women’s Leadership Circle envisions a community of female givers who provide opportunities and support to female students at Glenville State College.

  • All women have skills and resources to be independent, self-sufficient and contributing members of the community
  • All women are empowered and equipped to be leaders in the community
  • All women are active givers who share their time, talent and treasure to better the community regardless of their economic status

As women we give of our time, talent and treasure differently and in diverse ways… making each of us unique.  We want to give back to our community…  we want to continue to learn and grow.

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Membership Dues

Glenville State College’s Women’s Leadership Circle is a $250 annual contribution. Those who wish to participate as a non-voting member may with a $100 annual contribution. As a thank you for their service to the College, a discounted rate is available for GSC Employees at $100 annually.

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2020 Committee

The WLC Committee is comprised of members from the GSC Foundation Board. Current committee members include Karen Lay, Mary Lee McPherson, Maureen Gildein, and Mary Bland Strickland. 

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