Foundation Board

The Glenville State University Foundation, Inc. is focused on the raising of funds from non-state sources to assist Glenville State University in reaching its mission. We achieve that goal through actively soliciting funds through our Annual Fund, Scholarship Endowments and monies from larger foundations. These monies are then awarded to deserving students through annual scholarships and academic awards.

The Board of Directors of the Glenville State University Foundation, Inc. is a volunteer board that meets quarterly to supervise the business of running a multi-million dollar foundation. Members serve three year staggered terms, and are involved in various sub-committees that govern the solicitation of gifts and the spending of the funds for the betterment of Glenville State University through both scholarship assistance and monies spent on facilities and programs.

Executive Committee

Mrs. Sandy Pettit President Glenville, WV
Dr. John Westfall Vice President Glenville, WV
Mrs. Mary Lee McPherson Secretary/Treasurer Burnsville, WV
Mr. Timothy B. Butcher   Glenville, WV
Mr. Sammy Gray   Left Hand, WV
Mr. David Hutchison Ex-officio Glenville, WV
Mrs. Karen Lay   Glenville, WV
Mr. Bob Marshall   Vienna, WV
Dr. Mark A. Manchin (GSU President) Ex-officio Glenville, WV
Mr. Greg Smith   Glenville, WV

Remaining Members

Mr. Sterling Beane, Jr.   Wake Forest, NC
The Honorable Brent Boggs   Gassaway, WV
Mr. Greg Cunningham   Glenville, WV
Ms. Maureen Gildein   Alum Bridge, WV
Mr. Jeffrey Jenkins   Weston, WV
Mr. John Law   Camden, WV
Dr. Andrew Minigh   Enterprise, WV
Mr. Doug Morris   Glenville, WV
Mrs. Sue Morris   Glenville, WV
Ms. Melissa O'Brien   Spencer, WV
Mr. Doug Patterson   Wheeling, WV
Mr. Gary Ray   Fayetteville, WV
Mr. Phil Reale   Charleston, WV
The Honorable Mike Ross   Coalton, WV
Mr. Gary Skinner   Elkins, WV
Mrs. Mary Bland Strickland   Glenville, WV

 Emeriti Members

Mr. Richard E. Heffelfinger


Charleston, WV

Mr. George D. Curtin   Daniels, WV