Attendance Tracking FAQ


If I mark attendance in “Attendance Tracking”, will this information feed into Banner (EdNet) automatically?
No. After marking present or absent in a class for each of your students, select the blue “Class” button in the course title bar which is located in the upper left hand corner. Click on the drop down arrow and select “Update CRN Last Date of Attendance”. By selecting this, the most recent date you marked a student as present will feed over into the “Last Date of Attendance” column in your EdNet roster. You will not need to separately login to EdNet to document attendance. Every time you select this option, the dates will be updated in EdNet. Therefore, if you have a student who has added your class after the first day and you have already done this process, you will need to be sure you select this option again in order to update EdNet with attendance dates for the new students. 

Can I mark a student if they were tardy or only attended a portion of my class?
Yes. You would mark the student as present and then you may enter the hour and minutes in the "Hours Attended" field in the Student Detail panel to indicate the time the student was in attendance. You may also enter additional information in the "Note" field if you would like to include an explanation. 

Is there an option to mark an excused absence?
There is the option of “Absence Notified”, which works for excused absences. You highlight the student on the roster, mark them as absent, and then click on the "Student Details" tab. Click the box “Absence Notified” so a check mark is inserted in the box and then add a note (such as away Basketball game, field trip, etc). Even though you have marked the student absent, so long as the “Absence Notified” box is clicked, the student is recorded as not being absent for that day. Current settings will not include an Absence Notified absence in the attendance percentage calculations.

Can I choose not to mark a student absent or present and leave the circle blank?
You need to mark a student either absent or present (green or red). Do not leave a circle blank. Leaving a circle blank will not only cause the total attendance percentage calculations for that student to be inaccurate, but the ARGOS report the Academic Success Center used to monitor student absences will not reflect correct information. Students who are not marked absent when they miss class and you leave the circle blank will not be reflected on the report as having been absent.

How often are the rosters updated?
Rosters are in real-time and updated once a change has been made. If a student drops your class or adds your class, they will disappear or appear on your roster in attendance tracking immediately. 

Is it possible to combine both rosters for one of my cross-listed classes?
No. Unfortunately, this is not an option.

What if there is no Internet in a classroom or I do not have a laptop?
Attendance Tracking is an Internet based service, so you will have to be able to have Internet access to use it. You may always choose to have a sign in sheet in class or take attendance on paper and enter attendance later through Attendance Tracking.

Can students see their attendance in their EdNet account?
This is not available at this time, but we hope to have this option for students in the near future.