Employee Relations

Affirmative Action Plan

Employee Relations provides guidance and assistance to management and employees in the promotion of communication, customer service, teamwork, performance and represents the College in contacts with representatives of employee organizations.

Employee relations is also responsible for the College's performance evaluations program. This function includes preparing job descriptions and evaluations for existing and new technical-service jobs, discussing technical-service issues with areas regarding the job-review process, organizational structuring and related topics.

Employee relations is a function of the Human Resources Office and is responsible for providing a full range of human resources services which supports problem-solving, mediation, due process, fair play, equitable treatment and fair application of policies.

This page contains informational links related to employee relations processes.

Statutory Grievances

Statutory grievances filed by eligible employees are governed by West Virginia State Code Section 6C-2.

Grievance procedural rules and forms can be found at the following link: