Faculty Benefits

As an agency of State government, Glenville State University provides a wide variety of benefits to its employees. Some benefits are mandatory to both the college and employees, while some benefits are elective by employees. Some benefits are free to employees while some benefits require employee contributions.

Current year details regarding plan options and monthly premium costs can be obtained by logging onto the PEIA Web site at www.wvpeia.com or by contacting the GSU payroll department.

Life Insurance: $10,000 free to employees, optional coverage up to $500,000 based on age and salary. Additional plans are available for spouse and child coverage.

Accidental Death Insurance: Optional employee or family plan of $25,000 to $100,000. For details contact the payroll department.

Retirement Plan: The college matches your 6 percent contribution (tax exempt dollars) towards TIAA/CREF or Teacher's Retirement System. Thus, 12 percent of your gross salary is working for your retirement income. New employees must join TIAA/CREF.

TIAA Total Disability Benefits Plan: Optional employees coverage that provides (1) monthly income and (2) payments of premiums to your TIAA/CREF retirement plan to participating employees who suffer total, long-term disabilities. The cost is adjusted according to individual salary on a yearly basis. Employees become eligible upon completion of the first year of employment.