Change in the Organization of Colleges, Schools, Divisions, Departments or Other Administrative Units

Naming of Buildings

Drug and Alcohol Policy


Policies on Use of Institutional Facilities

Social Justice

Social Justice: Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, Stalking, Retaliation, Consensual Relationships, and Reasonable Accommodations

Credit Card Solicitation and Marketing on the Glenville State College Campus

Regulating Speed, Flow, & Parking of Vehicles on Campus

Disposition of Surplus Equipment, Supplies and Materials

Policy on Policies

Bookstores and Textbooks

Sabbatical Leave


Human Resources Administration

Annual Leave, Sick Leave, Military Leave and Other Leaves

Academic Freedom, Professional Responsibility, Promotion and Tenure

Staff Development

Policy Regarding Faculty Development


Personnel Administration - REPEALED on June 13, 2018

Guidelines for Employing and Evaluating the President at Glenville State College

Faculty Salary Policy

Adjunct Faculty

Productivity of Faculty and Administrators

Overload Pay

Recruitment and Hiring Policy - REPEALED on June 13, 2018

Policy Regarding Program Review

Grade Point Average for Associate and Baccalaureate Degrees

Standards and Procedures for Undergraduate Admissions

Public School Service Credits

Acceptance of Advanced Placement Credit

Transfer of Credits and Grades

Web-Based Courses

College Credit for Prior Learning

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Student Academic Rights


Assessment, Payment and Refund of Fees

Awarding of Undergraduate Tuitition Waivers Assistance Awards

Assignment of Academic Credit and Financing Noncredit Instruction

Reduced Tuition and Fee Program for State Residents Who are at Least Sixty-five Years of Age

Student Financial Aid

Appeals Process For Residency Classification

Assigning continuing Education Credit And Financing Non-Credit Instruction

Promise Scholarship Administrative Procedures

Higher Education Adult Part-Time Student (HEAPS) Grant Program

Funding of Intercollegiate Athletics - REPEALED on April 8, 2015

Meetings of the Board of Governors

Freedom of Information Act Requests

Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action

Clery Act Campus Security Reporting, the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act and Sexual Violence Prevention

Intellectual Property Rights