International Admissions FAQ

When can I move into my room?
The Residence Halls typically open for international students within the first week of August. You will receive your room assignment and key upon arrival to campus. You will receive other valuable information from the Student Affairs Office at this time.

What will I need when I move in?
Curtains or blinds are provided in each room as well as a desk, desk chair, bed with mattress, and chest of drawers. There is also a refrigerator and microwave in each room. We will take a shopping trip so you can purchase the things you will need for your room. The things you may want to purchase are a pillow, bed linens (extra long twin), a bedspread, a floor rug, towels, wash cloths, soap, a waste paper basket, a desk lamp, an alarm clock and any personal items you may need.

What about food service?
All students living in College owned Residence Halls will purchase a meal plan each semester. Glenville State College offers the following three basic meals plans:

  • Any 15 meals per week, plus $150 per semester in “flex dollars” or
  • Any 10 meals per week, plus $250 per semester in “flex dollars” or
  • Any 7 meals per week, plus $350 per semester in “flex dollars.”

Is college staff assigned to the residence hall?
There is at least one resident assistant (RA) on every floor of Goodwin Hall and an RA in every other house at Pioneer Village. These individuals are experienced students who are there to aid and assist you and the other students. The Resident Directors (RD’s) are professionally trained staff members of the college. In addition, there are Security Personnel on duty all night and Office Clerks all day.

Am I permitted to have an overnight guest in my room?
Yes. During the week you may have an overnight guest of the same gender in your room, but for no more than two (2) consecutive nights. At Pioneer Village you may have a guest stay any night during the week as long as they are a resident in one of our residential living facilities. During the week at Pickens Hall you may have a guest of the opposite gender stay in a guest room in the residence hall. You may have an overnight guest of either gender in your room on Friday and Saturday nights, however they must be checked in before 12:00 midnight. It is your responsibility to sign all guests in at the Residence Hall Office. Your guest may purchase meals in the Heflin Student Union or you may use your flex dollars to purchase a meal for them.

Are the dorms and dining hall closed during breaks and vacations?
Yes. Dining Services, Goodwin Hall, and Pickens Hall are closed during vacation periods. Pioneer Village is open during breaks. Students living in Pickens Hall or Goodwin Hall are required to make alternate room and board arrangements during those periods.