RBA Degree Requirements

A student must satisfy all of the minimum degree requirements prior to graduation with an RBA Degree from Glenville State University. The minimum requirements are as follows:

  1. Total semester credit hours of............................................................................120
  2. Upper Division credit hours of...............................................................................30
    Courses numbered 300 and above at Glenville State University are considered upper division or junior-senior level courses. Course work from accredited colleges and universities may be accepted as upper division credit based on that institution’s classification system or may be interpreted as upper division level course at Glenville State University. College equivalent credits may be earned for upper division credits.
  3. General Education semester credit hours of..........................................................36
    A specified minimum number semester hour’s credit of General Education must be earned in each of the following four (5) academic areas:
    1. COMMUNICATIONS - minimum of six (6) semester credit hours and must be English composition and/or speech. Please see item G. below with reference to English Proficiency requirement.
    2. HUMANITIES - minimum of six (6) semester credit hours and must be art, music, English literature, philosophy, religion, drama, foreign languages, fine arts and/or classical studies.
    3. NATURAL SCIENCES - minimum of six (6) semester credit hours and must be science (physical, earth, and/or space), biology, botany, zoology, chemistry, physics, entomology, physiology, astronomy, geology, bacteriology, and/or genetics.
    4. SOCIAL SCIENCES - minimum of six (6) semester credit hours and must be economics, political science, sociology, psychology, anthropology, geography and/or history.
    5. MATHEMATICAL SCIENCES OR COMPUTER APPLICATIONS - minimum of three (3) semester credit hours and must be mathematics, computer science and/or statistics.

    The classification of courses by academic areas is dependent on the academic department in which courses are offered and not on course titles.

    The remaining nine (9) semester credit hours of General Education may be considered as general electives in any of the above areas as well as other courses such as physical education, health, nutrition, and other areas which are considered as General Education offerings.

  • Pre-college or foundation courses do not count toward satisfying any of the above graduation requirements.
  • A minimum overall grade point average of 2.00 (“C”) is required for graduation. The grade point average is computed on all traditional course work attempted from all accredited colleges and universities with one exception: All failing grade (“F’s”) are disregarded for college course work completed four (4) or more calendar years prior to admission into the program. College equivalent credits are not utilized to compute grade point average.
  • A minimum of twenty-four (24) semester credit hours must be earned by actual enrollment and successful completion of academic courses credits from a public college or university in West Virginia.
  • Each student who graduates with a baccalaureate degree from Glenville State University including the RBA Degree students must satisfy the English proficiency requirement. Typically, RBA Degree students satisfy this requirement by enrollment and successful completion (grades of “C” or better) of English 101 and English 102 at Glenville State University or the equivalent semester credit courses at other accredited colleges or universities.
  • RBA Degree students are graded on traditional academic courses in a manner which follows requirements and policies of Glenville State University. College equivalent credits, when requested, are evaluated on the basis of competency. When competency is demonstrated, documented and recommended, the student receives college equivalent credit (CEC) without a specific grade being assigned. RBA Degree students are subject to the same academic performance policies as other students at Glenville State University.
  • There are no time restrictions established for students to complete the minimum requirements for the RBA Degree. Once admitted into the program, it is strongly recommended the student pursues and earns credits toward the requirements each year. It is important for students to pursue the requirements in an orderly and efficient manner until all requirements are satisfied.
  • Time is an important factor for portfolio evaluation and potential graduation date.
    • A portfolio should be submitted a minimum of five (5) months prior to expected date of graduation to allow sufficient time for the evaluations and recommendations.
    • An application for graduation must be made a minimum of three (3) months prior to the graduation date.
    • There are graduation dates in May, July and December each year at Glenville State University.
    • A formal commencement ceremony is held each year in May at Glenville State University for all students who completed graduation requirements during the academic year.