RBA Fees

There is no admission application fee for being admitted into the program at Glenville State University.

Students in the RBA Program enrolling in traditional academic courses are responsible for the appropriate tuition, fees and other costs associated with these courses.

Students pursuing semester credit hours by the examination method, such as CLEP, will be responsible for payment of the appropriate fees. The fees vary depending on factors such as semester credit hours of the examination, type of examination and number of examinations.

An assessment fee of three hundred dollars ($300) is due and payable each time documents (portfolio certificates, and/or other such materials) are submitted requesting evaluation for college equivalent credits. This fee is due regardless of the number of college equivalent credits awarded from the evaluation. The submission of documents for evaluation of college equivalent credits must be accompanied by a written request from the student for an evaluation and the payment of the evaluation fee prior to the evaluation process being initiated. Waiver of this evaluation fee may be made for full-time employees of a public college or university in West Virginia who have been employed by the college or university for at least one year. Payment of this evaluation fee is applicable and payable to Glenville State University via the Coordinator’s Office. In addition to the assessment fee, a processing fee of $10 per credit hour is assessed for hours awarded through the portfolio process.

At the completion of all degree requirements, the student must pay the graduation fee. Arrangements for cap and gown and graduation announcements etc. must be made with the Bookstore Manager at Glenville State University.

Official transcripts may be obtained from the Registrar’s Office by submitting a transcript request. Fees apply per transcript requested.