Fact Books

The faculty, staff, and administration of Glenville State College take pride in being a student-centered college. We know our students, their names, their academic achievements and challenges, their aspirations, and their progress toward those aspirations.

The Glenville State College Fact Book collects individual stories into a statistical snapshot. Of course, no picture of Glenville State College, at any particular moment in time, tells the whole story. But the Fact Book does provide a glimpse into our response to our clients, students, and society in the 21st century. The Fact Book is a valuable guidebook to assuring that Glenville State College is true to its mission and to charting its progress.

For an interactive timeline of Headcount and FTE from 1977 to 2020, based on Fact Book snapshot data, click Institutional Research Headcount and FTE Fact Book Chart.