Brightspace FAQ

The State of West Virginia, after competitive bidding, has made the decision to move from Blackboard to D2L Brightspace for the learning management system (LMS) for higher education. For clarification, D2L is the company name and Brightspace is the name of the LMS.

We encourage you to visit D2l Brightspace Higher Education and become a member of the Brightspace Community. In addition, there are several video tutorials available to you.  

D2L is offering a two-week online conference this summer at no cost. If you want to participate in the conference please feel free to sign up at the D2L Fusion Pioneers of Tomorrow website.

As promised, this page was created to post frequently asked questions regarding the LMS transition. Questions can be emailed to  Questions will be answered as quickly as possible.

Questions and Answers

Will fall classes be on Blackboard or (D2L) Brightspace?

Fall classes will be on Brightspace.

When will we have access to our own Brightspace so that we can start entering our classes?

As soon as possible, we are all very anxious to get started.  However, two LMS’s cannot run at the same time, so we will have to wait till after the summer sessions are over.

Brightspace is familiar with making this transition in a short amount of time.  All the schools that have transitioned were completed between semesters.  WVNet has spoken to employees of Perdue University and Allegheny College regarding their transitions.  Both schools were extremely satisfied and spoke highly of the Brightspace implantation team.  After we are transitioned we will continue to receive support from both WVNet and Brightspace.

Will they be able to transfer/migrate our courses/materials from Blackboard to Brightspace?

Yes, we have asked that all Blackboard course content from 2017 forward be migrated into Brightspace. There will also be a backup copy of the Blackboard courses on a separate server.

Will there be training before August?

Yes, we will offer as many trainings as possible. Training will be both virtual and online. Trainings offered before August 9th are completely optional. Please feel free to join the Brightspace community and begin to familiarize yourself with Brightspace.