GSC Pioneer Mascot Collection

GSC Pioneer Mascot Photo Collection (1933-present)

This collection includes a photograph of each GSC Pioneer Mascot, from the first one in 1933 to the present. A framed collection of GSC Pioneers now hangs on the main floor of the Heflin Administration Building.

In the early years, the Pioneer rode in an ox-cart pulled by a team of yoked oxen in the parade. His regalia of a suit of buckskin, coonskin cap, muzzle loading rifle, and a jug has varied through the years, but the idea has remained the same.

In 1933, Charles Barnett had the distinction of becoming the first official Glenville Pioneer. His duties were to participate in the Homecoming parade and to "rouse the spirit" of the student body in support of the football team at the Homecoming game.

WWII made it necessary to cancel the Homecoming activities until the fall of 1946.

When the tradition of the Pioneer Mascot began, a candidate had to be a male senior of good academic standing who had never lettered in any sport at Glenville. Times have changed, and Glenville has had several women serve as Pioneers, the first being in 1990-91.



Glenville State College Pioneers



Charles Barnett (1933-34), Homer Blackhurst (1934-35), Lloyde Metheny (1935-36)
Millard Cunningham (1936-37), Willis Tatterson (1937-38), Clifford Garrett (1938-39)
Herbert Brooks (1939-40), Johnson Burke (1940-41), Billy Adams (1941-42)
John Tyson (1942-43), John Fidler (1946-1947), Jim Lilly (1947-48)
Peter Rippe (1948-49), Charles Adams (1949-50), Glen White (1950-51)
Jack Lilly (1947-48), Holt Gray (1952-53), Harold Butcher (1953-54)
Bill Rumbach (1954-55), John Lazear (1955-56), Ronald Rokisky (1956-57)
Marvin Stemple (1957-58), Bob Eakins (1958-59), Jim Brabham (1959-60)
Bill Simmons (1960-61), Ron Stoops (1961-62), Jim Rogers (1962-63)
Charles Bargeloh (1963-64), Maynard Shoemaker (1964-65), Butch Hays (1965-66)
Dale Campbell (1966-67), Dave Stephens (1967-68), Michael Taylor (1968-69)
Roger Cutright (1969-70), Dan McPherson (1970-71), Wade Coffindaffer 91971-72)
Dave Hewitt (1972-73), Kim Wilson (1973-74), Rick Pierson (1974-75)
Perry Stovall (1975-76), Steven Horner (1976-77), Roger Young (1977-78)
Doug Bailey (1978-79), Tom Keene (1979-80), Mark Stafford (1980-81)
Tom Davisson (1981-83), Tim Brown (1983-84), Eddie Mazzella (1984-85)
Mark Phillips (1985-86), Jim Parsons (1986-87), Greg Miller (1987-88)
Jesse Chapman (1988-89), Drew Taylor (1989-90), Myla Mynes (1990-91)
Dexter Starcher (1991-92), Will James (1992-93), Marti Herson (1993-94)
Grayson Samples (1994-95), Kenny Wilkins (1995-96), Keith VanNoy (1996-97)
Matt Cottrill (1997-98), Jimmy Duffield (1998-99), Ernest Tingler (1999-01)
Dusty Burns (2001-02), Lowell Cutlip (2002-03), John Brown (2005-06)
Isaac Goff (2006-07), Donte Fuller (2007-08), Evan Aldridge (2008-09)
Brock McVaney (2009-10), Chris Freeman (2010-11), Brittany Lott (2011-12)
Niekoli 'Nicco' Mills (2012-13), Marc Jones (2013-14), Robert 'Goat' Hensley (2014-15)
Matthew Roush (2015-16), Valerie Rule (2016-17)