Graduation refers to the date that the degree is conferred or awarded. Commencement refers to the graduation ceremony. Glenville State College confers degrees 3 times a year: May, July and December. Commencement is held twice a year in May and December. Attendance at commencement is not a guarantee of degree conferral.

Applying for Graduation

All students who wish to graduate must officially apply for graduation and pay graduation fees. The application and graduation fee are due regardless of intent to participate in the graduation ceremony.

What is the Graduation Application?

The graduation application provides the Registrar’s Office with information about a student’s academic program; including degree, major, concentration and minor, if applicable, and expected graduation year and term. Additionally, the application establishes a diploma address (where the diploma will be mailed) and assesses the graduation fee to the account of the applicant.

The graduation application is also used to compile the graduation (diploma printing and degree posting) and commencement (program) lists. Failure to complete the application by the posted deadline can result in a delay in both degree posting and diploma printing. It may also result in the student’s name being omitted from the commencement program and other commencement lists.

How to Apply?

Applying to graduate is a simple process that is done through your EdNet account. Students will log into their EdNet account then select Student & Financial Aid, Student Records and Apply to Graduate. Then simply follow the on-screen instructions.

The graduation application can be submitted only once per program of study (degree). Please note that your complete program of study (including degrees, majors, minors, concentrations, etc.) must be properly declared before you apply to graduate. (If changes need to be made, students must complete a Request to Declare, Change or Add Major/Minor form and submit it to the Registrar’s Office for processing.)

Students planning to graduate with multiple degrees (i.e. AS & BS) within the same term will need to submit an application for each degree.

What If I Will Be Taking Courses At Another Institution During The Semester I Plan To Graduate?

If you are taking classes at another institution you must provide the Registrar’s Office with an official transcript. It is your responsibility to make sure the transcript is received within 1 month of the graduation date (for example, Graduation Date is May 10th, transcript would have to arrive by June 10th) for your graduation status to become official.

What If I Encounter Problems?

If you encounter problems when you apply for graduation or if you have questions about your graduation application, please send an email to for assistance.

How Will My Name Appear on My Diploma?

The name on your diploma will match your full legal name as it appears on your Glenville State College Banner record.

How to Change My Graduation Application (Once Submitted)

Students needing to change graduation information (i.e. diploma mailing address, modification to program of study, etc.) after submission of their graduation application must complete the Graduation Application Update form and submit it to the Registrar’s Office for changes to take effect.

Late Application (After Deadline)

Students who miss the deadline for applying via EdNet may still apply by submitting a hard-copy Graduation Application form. The form must be requested from the Registrar’s Office. Please send an email requesting the Graduation Application to

Please note that a $100 late fee (non-refundable) is charged to the account of late applicants, in addition to the regular graduation fee. Students should review their Degree Works audit and confer with their academic advisor to be sure they are on track to graduate as planned before submitting the late application.

Graduation Fee

During the graduation application process a graduation fee (payable in the Cashier’s Office) will be added to the student’s account. Contact the Cashier’s Office if you have questions about payment options. The graduation fee must be paid prior to graduation, regardless of whether or not a student participates in commencement activities.

When to Apply?

Students should apply by the published deadline. Students are urged to apply before the deadline.


Expected Graduation Term Application Filing Period
Fall (December) March 15 - May 30
Spring (May) August 15 - November 30
Summer (July) April 15 - June 15

Student Loans

Students who received student loans while attending Glenville State College will receive additional information from the Financial Aid Office about their indebtedness and Exit Counseling for student loans.

Graduation Ceremony Information

Attendance - (except the Regents Bachelor of Arts) students who complete graduation requirements in December or May are required to participate in the graduation ceremony. July graduates are encouraged to participate in the December ceremony. If extenuating circumstances warrant graduation in absentia, the candidate must write a letter to the Vice President for Academic Affairs requesting permission to be excused from the commencement ceremony.

Graduation Attire - Glenville State College requires all degree candidates participating in the graduation ceremony to wear appropriate academic regalia (cap & gown).

Diplomas – Will be mailed approximately 2 weeks after graduation.

Graduation = Completion of all requirements for a degree program.