Alvon F. and Phyllis D. Rohrbough Scholarship

Established 1994
Established by Alvon F. "Nate" and Phyllis D. Rohrbough to provide scholarships to students in the fields of Music and Biology. Nate was Athletic Director and coach of all sports at GSU from 1926 to 1946.

Carolyn H. Arnold Memorial Scholarship

Established 1991
The Carolyn Arnold Memorial Trust Fund is dedicated to perpetuating the memory of Carolyn H. Arnold, a GSU graduate and professional nurse. Its purpose is to encourage outstanding students to enroll in the GSU pre-nursing program. Preference is given to graduates of Gilmer County High School or candidates who are residents of Gilmer County.

Carolyn W. Gregori Memorial Scholarship

Established 2015
This scholarship was established by Dr. Joseph S. Gregori in memory of his late wife in recognition of the education opportunities he and his wife both achieved while attending Glenville State. This scholarship shall be awarded to Science majors with an intention of pre-med.

Dr. Mary Jo Pribble Scholarship

Established 1998
This scholarship is for the support of a student majoring in a science field. The science and mathematics chairperson may make a recommendation for the awarding of this scholarship. In the absence of a recommendation, the Scholarship Committee determines the recipient who will be a science major exhibiting academic merit.

Dr. Paul G. and Virginia Caltrider Scholarship

Established 1998
Dr. Caltrider is a 1956 graduate of Glenville State. Because of his "fond memories, the quality of education provided by the institution and the interest and encouragement received by the faculty," Dr. Caltrider and his wife, Virginia Caltrider, established a scholarship to benefit WV students in the Science and Math Department.

Howard Burk Scholarship

Established 2009
The Howard Burk Scholarship was started in 2009 in memory of A.M. Burk who taught 25 terms at Gilmer County High School and in memory of Cora D. Burk. This scholarship is to support graduates of Gilmer County High School pursuing coursework in Pre-Engineering or Pre-Medicine at Glenville State University.

John R. and Annie C. Wagner Scholarship

Established 2006
This scholarship was established by the son of John and Annie in memory of his parents and is awarded to a science major from central West Virginia.

Madelyn Conrad Kidd Scholarship

Established 1994
This scholarship was established by United States District Judge William M. Kidd in honor of his wife, Madelyn Conrad Kidd. The purpose of this scholarship is to support students of GSU who show academic promise in English and Math and are residents of West Virginia.

Nancy Lemon Rust Nursing Scholarship

Established 2013
This scholarship was established by Mrs. Nancy Rust, who had a distinguished career in the nursing field, to allow GSU students to meet patient nursing needs while being given the opportunity of remaining and working in West Virginia. The scholarship is for West Virginia residents with an identified Nursing major, and will be awarded based on financial need and academic achievement. The award will renew based on the student continuing in the Nursing program and maintaining academic good standing.

The Hunt-Stalnaker Scholarship

Established 2005
This scholarship was established by Oliver and Martha Hunt, and named in honor of Olivers aunt and uncle, who were instrumental in his being able to finish college at Glenville State University after the death of his parents. This award will be given to West Virginia students, preferably upperclassmen, on the advice of the faculty of the Department of Science and Math.

Turner Science and Math Scholarship

Established 1978
This scholarship was established in memory of Byron and Elizabeth Turner. Dr. Turner served as Professor of Chemistry from 1946 to 1976 when he retired from GSU. This scholarship recognizes an outstanding student in science and math.


Wagner Science and Math Award

Established 1977
The Wagner Science and Math Award was established in memory of John R. Wagner who for 37 years taught science and mathematics at Glenville State University. This award honors a student who exhibits excellence in science and mathematics.

Other Scholarship Sources

A valuable scholarship search website is: By entering data about yourself and providing your email address, you can receive information about scholarships for which you may be eligible. This site also has other useful information for college students.