Science and Mathematics Faculty & Staff

David O'Dell
Dr. David O'Dell
Department Chair
Professor of Chemistry402CScience Hall304-462-6317
Wenwen Du
Dr. Wenwen Du
Associate Professor of Mathematics202DScience Hall304-462-6318
Brooke Fincham
Brooke Fincham
Lecturer of Mathematics202BScience Hall304-462-6312
Isaac Johnson
Dr. Isaac Johnson
Assistant Professor202CScience Hall304-462-6310
Jeremy Keene
Dr. Jeremy L. Keene
Associate Professor of Biology302CScience Hall304-462-6313
Ashley Kooken
Dr. Ashley Kooken
Assistant Professor of Science Education402AScience Hall304-462-6302
Dr. Minfeng Li
Dr. Minfeng Li
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Robert Regalado
Robert Regalado
Assistant Professor of Mathematics EducationRemote304-462-6319
Sara Sawyer
Dr. Sara J. Sawyer
Professor of Biology302DScience Hall304-462-6301
Shalika Silva
Dr. Shalika Silva
Assistant Professor of Biology302BScience Hall304-462-6307
Pai Song
Dr. Pai Song
Assistant Professor of Mathematics202AScience Hall304-462-6156