Professional Master of Science Athletic Training

Professional Master of Science Athletic Training Partnership with Marshall University

Athletic Training Brochure
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Glenville State University has partnered with Marshall University to offer students a program of study leading to a Professional Master of Science in Athletic Training (PMSAT) degree. The agreement combines an undergraduate course of study at Glenville State with students later being accepted into the College of Health Professions at Marshall University. The program will prepare students to take the national Board of Certification (BOC) Examination.

The Professional Master of Science in Athletic Training Program at Marshall University fulfills the requirements to become a BOC-certified athletic trainer. The program includes a variety of hands-on clinical experiences in both traditional (collegiate and high school athletics) and non-traditional settings (military and industrial). Additional clinical experiences will be obtained in various healthcare settings such as physicians’ offices, physical therapy clinics, and surgeries.

How Do I Get Admitted into the Athletic Training Program?

Each year, Marshall University will reserve three seats for prospective PMSAT students who are attending Glenville State. To apply for admission to the program, students enrolled at Glenville State must:

  • Have an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Submit a transcript and resume
  • Complete an interview
  • Provide at least two letters of recommendation as outlined in Marshall University’s Graduate Catalog.

Applicants who score 70 or higher on the Marshall University PMSAT Applicant Admission Assessment Form will be admitted to those seats based on their score ranking. Additional applicants may be admitted depending upon overall demand for the application year.

Options for Admission

Glenville State University students have two options for admission to the program:

  1. For students who have earned a bachelor’s degree from Glenville State or will earn a bachelor’s degree by the end of the academic year. These students may apply for admission to the program and, once admitted, begin their PMSAT coursework at Marshall University.
  2. For students who have completed ninety or more credit hours from Glenville State University. These students may apply for admission to the program and, once admitted, complete their PMSAT degree at Marshall University, and then return to Glenville State to complete a bachelor’s degree.

Glenville State University students interested in the PMSAT program should speak to their academic advisor or the Department of Science and Mathematics chairperson.