Home Grown Scholarship

Established 2019

Recipient must be a newly enrolled, first year GSC student from an identified partner school district:  Gilmer, Braxton, Calhoun, Clay, Doddridge, Fayette, Kanawha, Lewis, Nicholas, Pleasants, Pocahontas, Roane, Webster, Wood, Wirt, and Upshur County.

Minimum 3.0 High School GPA, be a major in the high need areas of Secondary Biology Education, Secondary Chemistry Education,  Secondary General Science Education, Secondary Math Education or Elementary/Multi-categorical Special Education.

Bill and Patsy Dawson Scholarship

Established 2015
This scholarship was established by William C. and Patricia A. Dawson. Bill and Patsy were both long serving educators in north central Ohio. This scholarship shall be awarded to Education or Physical Education majors.

Carlos Ratliff Physical Education Scholarship

Established 1998
This scholarship is named for Carlos C. Ratliff, teacher and coach at Glenville State College from 1946 until his death in 1962. This scholarship is presented to an outstanding student in Physical Education.

Don and Mary Jean Barker Scholarship

Established 2013
This scholarship was funded with proceeds from the Estate of Mary Jean Barker. The scholarship supports students attending the college from across central West Virginia, with an emphasis on Education majors. Mary Jean began a long career of service to Glenville State soon after graduation, working for many years as the administrative coordinator for Drs. Harry Heflin and D. Banks Wilburn in their terms as President of the college. She later enjoyed teaching elementary students in Ritchie and Gilmer Counties. Don worked in local businesses in Glenville during his career.

Ella Murray Orr Scholarship

Established 1985
This scholarship was established to be earmarked in memory of Ella Murray Orr for scholarships to be used in her field of special education. Mrs. Orr was a 1934 graduate of Glenville State College.

Emma Gale Reynolds Hedrick Scholarship

Established 1999
This scholarship was established to support students of Glenville State College. The recipient must have a minimum 3.00 grade point average and show promise of leadership. Scholarship recipients must plan to pursue a teaching career in elementary education and have the support of at least three Glenville State College faculty.

Espy W. Miller and Rosalea Poling Miller Scholarship

Established 2011
This scholarship was established to honor the memories of the late Dr. and Mrs. Espy Miller. Dr. Miller retired from GSC in 1976 after 30 years of service. He was Chair of the Department of English and Foreign Language. She was also an educator in Gilmer County. This scholarship shall be awarded to a Gilmer County High School graduate in the upper one-third of his/her graduating class. The student must be an English or English Education major at GSC and maintain a minimum of a 3.0 GPA. This scholarship will fund the difference between the student's available aid package and actual full costs including tuition, room and board, books and fees. Because these students will more than likely reside in Gilmer County, if the students choose to commute, then a stipend for transportation will be paid each semester.

H.Y. Clark Education Scholarship

Established 1985
Humboldt Yokum Clark established this scholarship. He was on the faculty of GSC for 28 years. He served as a member of the Department of Education, taught English, Social Studies and West Virginia History during the years of World War II. This scholarship goes to an Education major in financial need who is a resident of West Virginia and who has the potential of being an outstanding educator.

Jean Adams Smith Memorial Scholarship

Established 1996
This scholarship was established by Dr. David W. Smith, and the family and friends of Jean Adams Smith to provide scholarships to students from central West Virginia majoring in Early Childhood Education. Preference is given to students from Gilmer County.

Judith K. Young Potts Scholarship

Established 2000
This scholarship program is designed to assist senior students who are completing their Student Internship semester at Glenville State College. It is the intent of this scholarship to select a student who shows promise of making significant contributions as a teacher in West Virginia, be in good standing with the college and have written recommendations from at least three professors. Preference will be given to students with financial need from Braxton County High first, then Nicholas, Upshur or Jackson Counties. In the event that no student from these counties is available, the college will select a West Virginia student who meets the other criteria.

Luanna T. Smith Scholarship

Established 1990
This scholarship was established by Ernest H. Smith in memory of his wife, Luanna Thompson Smith, a 1955 graduate of Glenville State College. Mrs. Smith served as Administrative Assistant to the President of Glenville State College from 1972 to 1989. This scholarship is given to an Education major from Gilmer County who has been admitted to teacher education and is preparing to complete the student internship.

Martha Jarvis Cottrell Memorial Scholarship

Established 2001
This scholarship was established in 2001 through the estate of Martha Jarvis Cottrell. As an alumna, she wished to express her appreciation to the College through the creation of this scholarship fund. It will be awarded to an incoming freshman with academic promise who aspires to become a teacher.

Richard N. Butler Memorial Scholarship

Established 2009
This scholarship was established in 2009 in recognition of Richard N. Butler's commitment to education and the preparation of teachers. It is to be awarded annually to an outstanding third year teacher education student at Glenville State College and will to be chosen by the teacher education faculty. Scholarship renewed upon student remaining academically qualified in senior year.

Robert Leroy Davis Scholarship

Established 1992
This endowed scholarship supports students graduating from Gilmer County High School with preference given to mature students coming back to school who want to be teachers. This fund was established by Oleta Collins Davis.

Rosalie M. Lough Scholarship

Established 2015
This scholarship was established by the late Rosalie M. Lough, a long time educator in Braxton County, to be awarded to Glenville State College Education majors.

Skip and Shirley Hackworth Scholarship

Established 2014
The scholarship was established to assist GSC students who graduate from Ripley High School majoring in Education. This scholarship is established by Mr. and Mrs. Hackworth to express their appreciation for the exceptional opportunities they received due to their education at Glenville State College.

The Helen E. Hunter and Alice M. Singleton Scholarship

Established 1997
This scholarship was established by Helen E. Hunter and Alice M. Singleton in 1997. As alumni of Glenville State College, their wish was that the scholarship, endowed in 2005, be established in appreciation of the education they received from the College. The scholarship will be awarded to students who are graduates of any West Virginia High School entering or already enrolled in the teacher education program at Glenville State College with academic promise and financial need.

The Lela Brooks-Bailey Scholarship

This scholarship was established by Ms. Bailey, a 1953 GSC graduate, to repay the debt of gratitude she feels for the opportunities she gained in life from her education at Glenville State. It is intended for a West Virginia student majoring in education.

Verizon Scholarship

Established 1981
Recipients of this scholarship must be majoring in education, business, or computer science. Recipients must also be in the upper one-fourth of their class based on grade point average and demonstrate leadership through extracurricular involvement in college related organizations. Recipients must be a West Virginia resident for at least 24 months prior to enrollment in college. Special consideration is given to a candidate that is a child or ward of an active Verizon employee.

Virginia Smith Hamric Memorial Scholarship

Established 1980
This scholarship was established in 1980 in memory of Mrs. Hamric by her husband, Edward. It will be awarded to a student majoring in Elementary Education, with preference given to students from Roane County and the surrounding area.

Virginia West English Scholarship

Established 1998
This scholarship was established to honor Miss Virginia West, Professor Emeritus, who served as Professor of English and Chairwoman of the Language Division at Glenville State College. The recipient must be an upperclassman majoring in education who shows academic potential (minimum 3.3 cumulative grade point) and demonstrates leadership abilities and is ready to enter the student internship.


Ronald V. and Kathryn J. Stoops Wood County Education Scholarship

Established 2017
This scholarship was established by Ronald V. and Kathryn J. Stoops to help a GSC upperclassman with an Education major. This student must have graduated from one of the following high schools: Parkersburg, Parkersburg South, Williamstown or Parkersburg Catholic.

Other Scholarship Sources

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