Intern Partner Teacher Resources

The Teacher Education Department at Glenville State University provides Internship training for public school partner teachers at the beginning of each semester. Members of our Professional Development Schools, including superintendents and principals, as well as all Interns’ public school partner teachers are invited to the training. University administrators and teacher education faculty are also invited. Interns are expected to attend the training. Field experience handbooks are provided and partner teachers receive a Partner Teacher Packet consisting of the evaluations, timelines, and related information necessary for hosting an intern. The training also allows an opportunity for the partner teachers, interns, and university supervisors to meet and informally discuss the Internship requirements.

The Director of Teacher Education Field Placement reviews forms, guidelines, expectations, and responsibilities of the Internship during this training. Questions, suggestions, and comments are welcomed. If a partner teacher is unable to attend the training, his/her intern will deliver the packet or the packet may be mailed to the partner teacher.

The documents included in this online resource are included in the Partner Teacher Packet that each partner teacher receives.

For more information please contact:  Connie Stout O'Dell at for by phone at 304.462.6209.