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Program Information

Requirements for Admission to Teacher Education

Masters Programs

Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction (MACI)

Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)

Bachelor of Arts in Education

Candidates who enroll at Glenville State University will generally follow the provisions of the catalog in use at the time of their admission. However, there are some exceptions specific to Teacher Education candidates as indicated below:

  1. Candidates wishing to enroll or re-enroll in a Teacher Education program must complete the requirements of the current catalog.
  2. All Teacher Education candidates must complete a criminal background check prior to completing any field experience. All paperwork will be processed through the Teacher Education Office. Criminal background checks must exhibit a clear legal history.
  3. All Teacher Education candidates must adhere to the current West Virginia State Department of Education requirements for licensure. If policies are changed, the requirements delineated within these pages may not be applicable.

Elementary (K-6) &
Early Education (PreK-K)

Elementary Education (K-6) &
Multi-Categorical (K-6)

Elementary Education (K-6) &
English (5-9)

Elementary Education (K-6) &
General Math - Algebra I (5-9)

Elementary Education (K-6) &
General Science (5-9)

Elementary Education (K-6) &
Social Studies (5-9)

Biology (9 - Adult)

Chemistry (9 - Adult)

English (5 - Adult)

General Science (5 - Adult)

Health Education/Physical Education (PreK - Adult)

Mathematics (5 - Adult)

Music (PreK - Adult)

Social Studies (5 - Adult)