Clark Jr. and Marjorie Hardman Scholarship

Established 2010
This scholarship was established in 2010 by Mr. D. Stephen Hardman to honor the memory of his parents. It also recognizes the important part GSC played in his parents' education and their life's pursuits and accomplishments. This scholarship shall be awarded by the Land Resources Department. First preference will be given to WV residents. The award shall be made to a student beginning their sophomore year that has displayed high academic achievement and has an identified need for financial assistance.

Dominion - Stan Pickens Scholarship

Established 1999
This scholarship has been established by Dominion Resources to honor Stan Pickens, former CEO of Dominion Appalachian Development, Inc., a 1960 GSC graduate. The company also wishes to recognize Glenville State College for its service to rural, central West Virginia, the heart of the Mountain State's oil and gas industry. Preference is given to employees or dependents of employees of the oil and gas industry, and is targeted toward developing a talented and committed workforce for that industry. Secondary preference is given to any student with a concentration in Natural Resources.

Eberly Forestry Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a Forestry major.

Gregory A. Smith Scholarship

Established 2009
This scholarship was established by Mr. Gregory A. Smith, a 1976 GSC Alum and Glenville business man, to benefit GSC students with the declared major of Land Surveying. Scholarship recipients will be selected annually by a committee comprised of Mr. Smith, the Division of Land Resources Chair and the Head Instructor of Land Surveying. Preference shall be given to students in the GSC service area and then to students in the central West Virginia area.

J.B. Bialek Memorial Scholarship

Established 2006
Established by Jim Bialek with contributions from friends and family in memory of J.B Bialek. This scholarship will be used to provide an annual scholarship to a student in the Forestry major at Glenville State College who will be selected by the faculty of the Department of Land Resources.

J.C. Baker Memorial Scholarship

Established 2004
The J. C. Baker Memorial Scholarship was established by the family of J. C. Baker, a resident of Braxton County, a pioneer in the oil and gas industry, and a supporter of higher education. The scholarships will be awarded to Natural Resource Management students from West Virginia.

John Scott Bailey Memorial Scholarship

Established 2003
Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin Bailey endowed this scholarship, with contributions from family and friends, as a lasting tribute to John Scott Bailey, a 1975 graduate from GSC. This scholarship provides support to students majoring in Land Resources, with preference given to those students who reside in Glenville's surrounding counties: Barbour, Braxton, Calhoun, Clay, Gilmer, Lewis, Nicholas, Roane, Upshur and Webster.

Kenneth and Irene Walker Scholarship

Established 2006
This scholarship is established, by anonymous donors, in honor of an Appalachian sharecropper's son and his immigrant wife who created a great life for their children by showing what one can do through love and hard work. Its purpose will be to support scholarships for students from the Rosedale West Virginia area who are pursuing a degree in either music (first preference) or natural resource management at Glenville State College.

Robert and David Moore Scholarship

Established 1997
The Robert and David Moore Scholarship Fund was established by Joyce R. Moore as a memorial to her husband, Robert, and son, David. This scholarship provides financial assistance to students who elect to study forestry, natural resources or environmental sciences. Preference is given to students from Webster County.

Samuel Elliott Robinson Scholarship

Established 2007
This scholarship was established by DeVona and Marshall Robinson in memory of their late infant son. This award is made on the recommendation of the staff of the Department of Land Resources at Glenville State College and is awarded to a Land Surveying student. Its secondary purpose is to support scholarships for dependents of employees of Allegheny Surveys, Inc. or its successors.

Thomas J. Clower Memorial Scholarship

Established 1987
This scholarship was established by the Westvaco Foundation Trustees to benefit families of independent pulpwood or chip suppliers who have suffered some type of adversity, either on or off the job. Recipients are high school graduates who are the sons or daughters of a long-time independent pulpwood or chip supplier to Westvaco and who elect to enter any of the forestry majors that Glenville State College has available.

Other Scholarship Sources

A valuable scholarship search website is: By entering data about yourself and providing your email address, you can receive information about scholarships for which you may be eligible. This site also has other useful information for college students.