Certificate in Right-of-Way

Purpose: The Certificate in Right of Way will prepare students for work in the landman profession with a primary focus on property descriptions and interpretation, title abstracting, boundary surveying methods and laws, energy resource laws, elementary surveying measurements and computations, and business communication and professional development. The students will also be familiar with both computer mapping systems utilizing Cartographic and Geographic Information System software.  This will allow them to apply for entry level positions in the workforce of the land management and right of way fields. These skills and knowledge would enable them to advance within the employing company.

Program Requirements

BUSN 193 Applied Business Communications 3 hours (online)
BUSN 296 Dimensions in Professional Development 3 hours (online)
LAND 121 Introduction to Land Surveying 3 hours (hybrid)
LAND 123 Land Survey Descriptions, Interpretation & Writing 2 hours (online)
LAND 124 Land Survey Boundary Law 3 hours (online)
LAMN 293 Land Titles & Abstracting 3 hours (hybrid)
NRMT 125 Computer Assisted Mapping 3 hours (online)
NRMT 234 GIS Applications I 3 hours (online)
NRMT 410 Energy Resource Law 3 hours (online)
    26 credit hours